ATTN: Red Rock Community

Attention Red Rock Community

2014-06-22 15.50.22.jpgTo keep up with the rising costs of doing business we must increase our membership prices. This will occur in a series of phases in an effort to offer you more and serve you better.

Effective August 19 2019: All prices will no longer include tax. However existing members can continue original pricing by signing up for monthly billing, new members have a one time registration fee. This is not a contract and members can cancel at any time.


$10.00 1hr

$15.00 2hr

$20.00 Day


$50.00 1 Month

$135.00 3 month

$240.00 6 month

$400.00 Yearly

$350.00 Family 6 Month

$600.00 Family Annual (4)



$30.00 One time registration fee*

$43.48 (Billed automatically each month)

$30.00 Add Spouse

$15.00 Add Child

$73.48 Family Recurring (4, Max 2 Adults)



$150.00 Private Birthday Party (90min, upto 10 climbers, outside regular hours)

$10.00 Each additional Climber

$100.00 Anytime Booking (60min, Max 10, includes 2 walls)

Rental Equipment

$3.00 Shoes**

$2.00 Harness**

$2.00 Chalk

Prices are plus tax

*Not applicable for existing members

**Included in Private Birthday + Anytime Booking

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