ATTN: Red Rock Community

Attention Red Rock Community

2014-06-22 15.50.22.jpgTo keep up with the rising costs of doing business we must increase our membership prices. This will occur in a series of phases in an effort to offer you more and serve you better.

Effective August 19 2019: All prices will no longer include tax. However existing members can continue original pricing by signing up for monthly billing, new members have a one time registration fee. This is not a contract and members can cancel at any time.


$10.00 1hr

$15.00 2hr

$20.00 Day


$50.00 1 Month

$135.00 3 month

$240.00 6 month

$400.00 Yearly

$350.00 Family 6 Month

$600.00 Family Annual (4)



$30.00 One time registration fee*

$43.48 (Billed automatically each month)

$30.00 Add Spouse

$15.00 Add Child

$73.48 Family Recurring (4, Max 2 Adults)



$150.00 Private Birthday Party (90min, upto 10 climbers, outside regular hours)

$10.00 Each additional Climber

$100.00 Anytime Booking (60min, Max 10, includes 2 walls)

Rental Equipment

$3.00 Shoes**

$2.00 Harness**

$2.00 Chalk

Prices are plus tax

*Not applicable for existing members

**Included in Private Birthday + Anytime Booking

Rock Talk Episode 1

So today we are launching a small video web series called Rock Talk, highlighting members, routes, and other various excursions that Red Rock is involved with. Today’s episode is especially important for those who haven’t been to our facility yet, a tour and demo of the equipment could be just what you need to get you in our door and trying something new and exciting. Check out the clip, leave a comment, come and play!

Rock Talk Episode:1

Electronic Waiver


We Are Live

Today we are excited to officially go live with our new web page today! There are still a few tweaks that will be happening over the next couple days to get things really dialed in. But hey, we’re climbers not web techs.

Lots of new things in the works as we push through the winter season gearing up for another beautiful summer of climbing. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and check back here often for news, specials and last minute offers.

See you at the wall!

Red Rock Climbing