Youth Climbing Club

2019/2020 Climbing Club registration is now open!

The following programs are structured around Sport For Life’s athlete development model.

FUNdamentals 1 and 2 have shorter durations, sessions will consist of a small amount of basic instruction with a greater emphasis on play and repetition.

Fundamentals 2 will consist of more detailed and specific skill/movement instruction.

RedRock Climbing Club + Adult Climbing Club consist of more detailed skill development, high emphasis on movement and technique. Introduction to hard skills such as rope work, knots, belay.

FUNdamentals 1: Tuesday 4pm – 5pm
6-10 Max 6 Climbers. 60min

FUNdamentals 2: Wednesday 4pm – 5pm
11-13 Max 6 Climbers. 60min

RedRock Climbing Club: Thursday 5pm – 6:30pm
14-18 Max 10 Climbers. 90min

Adult Climbing Club: Thursday 6:45pm – 8:15pm
18+ Max 10 Climbers. 90min
** If existing memberships, remaining time will be added to the end of the semesters registered.

Semester 1: October 14 – December 13 2019
Semester 2: January 06 – March 06 2019
Semester 3: March 30 – May 29 2019

Cost = 150+tax /semester
400+tax /all 3 semesters
Rentals included
Membership included

email to sign up or for more information!